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Overview of RealEstate


Real Estate industry play vital role in various aspects which include selling and buying of property,
land, buildings and the natural resources (crops, minerals, or water etc.). Currently there are
numerous businesses involved directly in real estate such as (Residential, Commercial and
Agricultural). However, the major types of businesses that are involved in real estate are either
operational (property management, asset management, loan servicing, etc.) or transnational
(brokerage, title, underwriting, etc.).
In modern era, about 90% of buyers search for properties online before they look anywhere else.
Business virtually becomes invisible to potential clients by not having a digital presence. Conversely,
having a digital presence is cost effective and makes a real estate business grow rapidly. Digital
Marketing of Major Social Sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram help real estate
professionals communicate with consumers, post images and information about new properties for
sale, and give people real-time information. Using these social networks, real estate agents can
generate a lot of great prospects online. Digital Marketing furnishes quick communication which
keeps a real estate agent’s listing fresh and can attract new clients. Digital Marketing should not only
involve in posting about available properties and showings but also highlight relevant local articles
and media. Hence, online presence is essential for success in the modern REAL ESTATE MARKET.
Furthermore, Internet has emerged as a reliable and great source for people interested in buying and
selling properties as well as getting information about all the different aspects of Real Estate. It is
essential for Real Estate Company to have a digital presence and promote it by using SEO methods
suited for it.
Real Estate Digital Presence has many attractive benefits which support its importance & makes it a
considerable investment option:
❖ Best method for achieving long-term Real Estate sales goals
❖ Very Cost effective and generate more leads on affordable rates
❖ Source of superior conversations with higher ROI
❖ Win trust of new customers and keep in touch with existing ones
❖ Provide exposure to a greater number of prospects
Digital presence is an excellent place to share real estate content, and drive traffic back towards your
company. These terms might sound complicated but working with Ideatech Software House will
make sure for a fluid and positive Digital Marketing Campaign.

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