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Tribe Republic is a Digital Tree having shoots of numerous digital initiatives

Police Salutes to Doctors & Nurses – Pakistani Police – Pakistani Doctors – COVID-19


Police Salutes to Doctors and Nurses

Tribe Republic: Tribe Republic is a Digital Tree having shoots of Property Tribe, Tech Tribe, Edu Tribe, Sports Tribe, Travel Tribe, Plants Tribe, Health Tribe, Creative Tribe and Views Tribe. This is an umbrella under which numerous digital initiatives are being taken. Property Tribe: Shelter is the most crucial need of a human from his day first on planet earth, we help humans to search and build their own shelters.

Tech Tribe: Technology is making the human lives easier worldwide. We are also trying to bring ease and happiness in human lives by innovations and motivations.

Edu Tribe: We promote hope by promoting education because it can change the fate of our country as well as our planet without even hurting a single life. Sports Tribe: We strongly believe that Sports is the finest weapon to kill terrorism and extremism. We support Sports worldwide. Travel Tribe: Every single penny spent on travelling comes back with happiness, success and more money. We urge citizens of different countries to visit each other.

Plants Tribe: Indian Prime Minister Modi recently killed two trees in Pakistan in an airstrike; this is how nature is in danger worldwide. We post natural beauty 24/7. Creative Tribe: We do not believe that Creativity is by born; we believe that a person can be creative at any stage of life. We like to spread and discuss creativity. Info Tribe: We post information and infotainment that can enhance your knowledge, not anxiety.

Health Tribe: A healthy mind is a blessing for itself and the whole humanity. We fill positive vibes in humans through our unique health tips.

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