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COVID-19 v/s Malaria ? Countries with Malaria have Virtually Less Symptoms and Mortality Reported


پاکستان امریکا و یورپ کے مقابلے کورونا سے زیادہ محفوظ‌ کیوں! ۔ ڈاکٹر انعام الحق

COVID-19 v/s Malaria ?

Some COVID-19 vs. Malaria Numbers: Countries with Malaria have Virtually Fewer Symptoms and Mortality Reported

This subject has been making the rounds in recent days, much more in social media and lesser-known news outlets and not so much the mainstream media…

There is now considerable evidence from several countries (China, S. Korea, France, others?) that anti-malarial drugs, especially chloroquine, is effective at greatly reducing COVID-19 symptoms, and possibly preventing infection in the first place.

I downloaded the latest COVID-19 reported cases by country from the WHO as well as the incidence of malaria cases as of 2017. I calculated the COVID-19 incidence as the number per million total population, while the malaria numbers are reported per 1,000 “population at risk”.

It took a few hours to line everything up in Excel because of differences in the naming of a few countries, no malaria data for countries where malaria has been essentially eradicated, and many countries where no COVID-19 cases have been reported.

I only have time to give some interesting bottom-line numbers. I encourage others to investigate this for themselves to see if the relationships are real.

If I sort all 234 countries by the incidence of malaria and compute the average incidence of malaria and the average incidence of COVID-19, the results are simply amazing: those countries with malaria have virtually no COVID-19 cases, and those countries with many COVID-19 cases have little to no malaria.

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